Aplastic Anemia

New Aplastic Central Website Here

Here is my new contact information if you would like to know more about my strategy and how I survived using alternative healing methods.

bruce.lande@gmail.com  1-828-719-7234  skype ID live:bruce.lande_1

I was originally diagnosed on January 9, 2001 so as of next week, I am an 18 year survivor!

Basic Overview – Click Here to Return to Archived Original Site 

Aplastic Central is a patient resource designed and maintained by Bruce Lande who was originally diagnosed in 2001. After conventional treatments failed to cure him, Bruce developed an alternative approach to the illness that has kept him alive for over ten years. The site provides details on the approach and includes a patient forum for others to comment.

NIH Overview

Aplastic anemia, an unusual hematologic disease, is the paradigm of the human bone marrow failure syndromes. Almost universally fatal just a few decades ago, aplastic anemia can now be cured or ameliorated by stem-cell transplantation or immunosuppressive drug therapy.

15+ Years Survivor

Sue Lande and others saved my life after conventional medicine almost killed me three times. Click on the link above to learn about my approach. I have nothing against conventional medicine but have now proven that an alternative approach worked and has kept me alive whilst many of my colleagues have unfortunately passed on.

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